What does your consultation involve?

I offer consultations on a one-to-one basis.

My practice is based in Maida Vale, London (UK), I do at-home visits throughout the UK, and I work with clients internationally online.

For clients based in the UK, we meet face-to-face for the initial consultation, and can then conduct follow ups via Zoom, if you prefer.

Prior to your initial consultation, I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire and a 3-day food diary. The information that you provide allows me to prepare for your consultation, maximising the time available during the initial consultation for more in-depth assessment.

At the initial consultation, which typically lasts 1.5-2 hours, I will take a detailed picture of your life story. This will include your health and family history, current symptoms; diagnosed conditions; medications and supplements, and dietary and lifestyle habits. I will ask you to bring a list of any medications and/or supplements that you are currently taking. Continue to take any medications as normal, do not stop a medication without your doctor’s consent.

 The nutrition and lifestyle advice I give will be tailored to support diagnosed conditions and/or health concerns, but will not act as a substitute for professional medical advice and treatment. I may give you a referral letter at the consultation if I have any concerns that I feel your GP needs to know about. I will also ask you to advise your GP, and any other complementary medicine practitioners you are consulting, of the nutrition and lifestyle protocol you will be following.

What do you receive following your consultation?

Following your initial consultation, I will email you a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to meet your individual requirements.

This will be written specifically for you, taking into consideration your unique needs, goals, desired pace and budget. All of which we will discuss during your consultation.

I may recommend functional testing and/or herbal or dietary supplements.
If you are already taking medications or supplements, I will check for potential interactions before I make my recommendations.

Consultation Structure

Initial Consultation (1.5-2 hours)

Evaluation of questionnaire, initial consultation and preparation of nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan.

Follow up Consultations (1 hour)
Typically 4-6 weeks following initial

Evaluation of functional tests (if applicable), follow-up consultation and preparation of nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan.

Between sessions, I am available for general support via email or phone, should you get stuck and need additional motivation or have questions.
This is included in the consultation cost.

Supplements and functional tests are an additional cost and will only be recommended where necessary.

Payment can be made via bank transfer.
Payment must be made in full before the consultation.

Medical Insurance

Some medical insurers have complementary therapy ( e.g Pru Health, WPA) cover in their policies that may cover my fees, up to their capped maximum. It is unlikely that insurance will cover the full fees, nor do they usually cover any tests and investigations or supplements. A referral letter to me from a specialist or a GP is usually required. I am registered with the CNHC so this is possible. Anybody wishing to use insurance to cover costs should first check with their insurers. It is necessary for you to have received prior authorisation from your insurance company. Please note that you will be required to pay my fees prior to your consultation(s) and then reclaim the amount from your insurers in retrospect.